Trip Grade

Trekking in Nepal requires normal level of physical fitness. Unlike in ascending peaks, trekkers do not have to go through any technical difficulties. Walking duration is planned in such a way that the trekkers have enough time to explore the region and its people without any physical exertion. (5/6 hours of walk per day).

Our itineraries are categorized according to the level of difficulty and the duration of day. This provides options to the client.

Easy: These trekking whose trail passes through lower altitude and have short distance between starting and ending point during a day's walk.

Moderate: These trekking include both long and short distance. Trail can pass through the altitude of 3500 to 4000m with 600 to 700m, both progressive and steep, uphill climbing.

Strenuous: These trekking encompass both long and moderate walks on a rough and some time snowy terrains. It requires a little more effort than previous level circuits.

Strenuous +: This is a real adventure above 5000m and demand more effort than strenuous trek. Trekker must have basic knowledge of mountaineering and using climbing gears such as Crampons, Ice axes, Using ropes etc…

Season exerts its influence on our offered itineraries. Different trekking can best serve its objective during their respective seasons. Following months are given to our itineraries to indicate their best season.

Spring: March-May (Mar-May)
Summer: June-August (Jun-Aug)
Autumn: September-November (Sep-Nov)
Winter: December-February (Dec-Feb)

However note that the best seasons are autumn and spring for trekking and climbing of 6000m. in Nepal